Whoever is in favour of the Communist Revolution is with the World Communist Group !


The proletariat is revolutionary or is nothing.

In 1847, along with the revolutionary proletariat the Communist Programme has emerged, complete as a unit. The Communist Party, in its full historical meaning was born from this assertion. Since then, the expressions of the Historical Communist Party have followed one another in order to try to lead the proletarian revolutions according to this programme, but also after their defeats, to safeguard thanks to him, the doctrinal and programmatic conditions of the victory to-come. The continuity of the historical party’s work has not been achieved without formal discontinuities and provisional disappearances of any organised representation of this party.

At the end of the last grand revolutionary cycle started in 1917 in Russia, with the dramatic historical failure of the Revolutionary proletariat in November 1922, opened the current cycle of the democratic counter-revolution which has swept away everything. Swept away all the hopes of the world-wide revolution, got rid of the prospect of turning the Communist International into a World Communist Party, perfected the subjection of all the labor organisations, wiped out the class struggle, provisionally set the revolutionary proletariat out of history, even staggered the fact of the disapparance of any expression of the communist programme (until 1945) when the counter-revolution took the appearance of a doctrinal victory over Communism.

During the democratic counter revolution, even more than during the previous counter-revolution, the proletariat has been reduced to its sole economic function, a combination of alienated and exploited labor forces. A class totally integrated into the Capital, it fulfills its compelling urge of increase in value, of extorsion of surplus value. It generates, thus, that alien power that oppresses it, that deprives it, that exhausts it, that destroys its vital forces, that generalizes deprivation and destitution. Capitalism is possessed by the passion to produce in order to accumulate. While the capital continues to expand world wide it produces, reproduces, renews, historically expands the conditions of its revolutionary destruction or of the extermination of humanity. The revolutionary proletariat, the only possible gravedigger of the capital, will come up again during their historical crisis to prevent the world war (capitalistic solution) or turn it into a civil war, converting the historical crisis into a catastrophic crisis and a revolution. That’s how and only how, the Proletariat will become again a class for its own and its historical interests, a world class composed as a class world party, a class that struggles worldly for the end of the classes, a class that sets up through a limitless and cruel class war its class dictatorship. Annihilation of the capitalistic class, destruction of the exploitation relationship, wiping out value, trade, wages. Its complete emancipation will coÏncide with the liberation of the Gemeinwesen, of Human Being, Communism satisfying revolutioned needs, human needs.

The World Communist Group for the World Communist Party to come

The World Communist Group, one and only current expression of the Historical Communist Party, is the alive link between yesterday’s revolutionary cycles – 1848 – 1871 – 1905 – 1917 – and tomorrow’s historical cycle of the revolution.

It safeguards the integrity, the totality of the Communist Programme.It is the theorical mediation and the essential practise between yesterday’s revolutionary attemps and defeats and the victory to come. It claims an unquestionable link. It passes on the new generations the work of the Communist Party’s former expressions which it perpetuates . From the time it was created (1966) it represents the accurate form of the revolutionary activity during the counter revolution when any communist party whatsoever is still impossible. Its struggle is submitted to the timeless principles of Communism, its assignement and functions are infered from the understanding of the connection between historical counter revolutionary situation and Communist Programme.

  • It learns from the middle-class and democratic counter revolutions 1848 – 1871 – 1905 – 1922 ;
  • It acknowledges the different successive expressions and has defended the historical communist party’s line since 1847;
  • It honestly and wholy restores the invariant doctrin of class struggle and communism against any from of revisionism and re-establishes the knowledge of the future, a life plan for the human specie;
  • It aknowledges the capital’s power of expansion and anticipates the reformist permanence and improvement, and the purification of the forms of the capitalistic domination although restablishing the scientific materiality of its obituary as the capital is trapped by the laws which gave him birth and historically condemn it to a violent death under the revolutionary assault;
  • It describes the revolution and the communist society and introduces the programme of this revolution and this society in a refined expression insofar as the capital has himself refined the conditions of its accomplished domination over the proletariat ; it aims at the superior expression straight forwardly convertible into a watchword which will be the prolerariat’s soon;
  • It claims the necessity of the World Communist Party to come, essential organ for anticipating the revolution’s way and organisation ; it describes its programmatic features ; it sheds light on its strategy for a purely proletarian revolution ; it divides its totalitarian activity into the insurrection, the destruction of the bourgeois state and the establishment of the Proletariat dictatorship aiming at the achievement of Communism;
  • It foresees the catastrophic crisis of the capitalist system (epicentre, date) and it describes the historical genesis of the Word Communist Party, the process of the historical crisis turning into a catastrophic crisis for the capital;
  • It anticipates the moment when it will favor the proleriat’s re appropriation of the communist programme and when it will be a leading factor of its organisation into a class party, the formation of the Word Communist Party;
  • It foreshadows the party-to-be like it will foreshadow the communist society, claiming the anonymous defense of the communist party, repudiating democracy as a goal as well as a principle , an inner method and mecanism, it rejects any individual, any personalism, any personalisation, any careerism;
  • It leads its activity according to a Work Plan which sets the priorities of the programme restoration within its relation with the description of the world Communist Group’s becoming, structuration, developpement, integration to the World Communist Party-to-be;
  • It lives according to the principle of centralized organicity, updating of the principle of organic centralism, the way of being and of working of the Word Communist Party -to-be;
  • It integrates, rules, unifies, trains, gathers, forms instinctive, passionate and hateful activists whose energy irresistibly aims at the goal, who keep in relation with the programme and organised grounds and who subordinate their private life to their public activist life;
  • It gathers its activists in diverse regular meetings scheduled in the Plan and during which the Communist Programme is invariably being dealt with and expounded collectively;
  • It publishes and distributes the Theses and working out that utterly make it stand apart inside the Review which is its theorical organ : December 1966 “Record”, 1968-69 “Invariance”, 1972 “Class Party”, 1975-86 “The Programme of the Communist Society”, 1989 “The Programme of the Communist Revolution”;
  • It organises the programmatic confrontation with all the diverse energies which tendentiously express the same programme;
  • It decides by selective policy, the conditions of recognition and admission of new activist energies;
  • It declares that whoever is not with it is against it.



Proletarian, Comrade, join the revolutionary forces,

join the Word Communist Group.

The revolution is as sure as something which has already happened !


December 2006